quality fresh onions all year round

Every first week of the month a new videoclip will be released on our HOA Youtube channel giving a profound insight into the global success of Holland Onions. Our first videoclip themed ‘Year-round availability’ is now up for watching!

The Netherlands generates an annual Dutch onion crop volume of 1.3 million tons, of which more than 1 million tons is exported. This makes it by far the largest product volume of the Dutch vegetable export. The highly developed drying and preservation techniques of the Dutch onion processing chain ensure a long shelf life, right up to the next harvest season. This is unsurpassed in the world. The sophisticated logistics, processing and storage methods used by Holland Onion processors realise a consistent supply and quality throughout the year. No other country in the world is able to supply such a wide range all year round. That is why 95% of the Dutch onion harvest is exported to every continent in the world.