Simply a feast for the eyes

Harvest time. For as long as humanity has been cultivating land, it’s both a tense and joyous period of time. For the Dutch onion grower it is finally time to reap the fruits of his months of efforts. But harvesting always brings him quite .. Read more >>

Everything that gets attention grows

Everything that gets attention grows. A quite simple truth and one of the universal laws of life. As the founder of biology, the Greek philosopher Aristotle discovered an unchanging regularity in natural events. And if he hadn't already written this aphorism .. Read more >>

'To be a succesfull farmer one must first know the nature of the soil'

Soil is fundamental for our existence. Healthy, fertile soil gives us water, raw materials and food. As we do not yet have the capability to create new soils with specific cultivation properties, it is critical to get the best out of the soil we have.

That ..

Rockstar Veggie

I know…The tomato and the potato are worldwide the vegetables grown in the largest quantities. However, the onion is still, by far, the vegetable that is most widely used. Plain and simple because we really love onions first, best and the most.

You could say that ..