our quality

Holland onions are the best in the world, but this has not been achieved just like that. It is the result of hard work by many consecutive generations on family businesses plus the close collaboration of seed producers, growers, processors, exporters and of course global customers with their specific requirements. Their excellent seed quality, coupled with healthy soil generate strong and homogeneous new crops. The marine clay is rich in calcium and full of minerals, making it the perfect soil for Dutch onions to thrive in, giving it a spicy taste, sufficient hardness and a beautiful white colour.

Our in-depth knowledge combined with our onion growing expertise – accumulated over the decades – means that the onion stays fresh for a particularly long time. Correct timing of harvesting and storage is crucial. The highly developed drying and preservation techniques of the Dutch onion processing chain ensure a long shelf life, right up to the next harvest season. This is unsurpassed in the world.