Rockstar Veggie

I know…The tomato and the potato are worldwide the vegetables grown in the largest quantities. However, the onion is still, by far, the vegetable that is most widely used. Plain and simple because we really love onions first, best and the most.

You could say that ..

Groundbreaking Dutch Onion Science

When, relatively recently, the human genome was published, it turned the world upside down. Groups of researchers all around the world contributed to the immense Human Genome Project. It had taken 1,000 hard-working researchers working on the science for 13 years and an investment of .. Read more >>

Future Food Source

In the previous century, we already managed to increase the global annual food production by 2%, while the world population doubled from 3 to 6 billion people. That was not because the area under cultivation grew substantially, that only grew by 10%.

Norman Borlaug received the ..