Dutch five star hotels for onions

Holland Onions lack absolutely nothing between the moment of harvesting and the moment they are exported. As soon as they are brought in fresh from the land, an intense pampering program commences, to maintain flavour, nutrients, shape, colour, skin and firmness. This is done using both the traditional method as well as smart, modern climate techniques.

Holland Onions are always dried and dehydrated in several phases. In the first phase the onions are forced-air dried in front of special drying walls at a temperature of approximately 30 degrees Celsius. In the second phase they are kept at a consistent temperature of around 20 degrees during 3 to 4 weeks. In third phase the temperature is gradually decreased, depending on the outdoor temperature, humidity and the preservation strategy, so that the onions can be stored for months without loss of quality.

The smart, computer operated climate technique of the storage accommodation (ventilation, modulating heaters or mechanical cooling for ultralong storage) is adapted to the physiological condition by an experienced storage specialist. Because of this, among others, the onion processing chain in the Netherlands is capable of exporting 35.000 tons of onions per week.