new videoclip - sustainable growth

For every newsletter we publish a new videoclip on our HOA YouTube channel. Our newest video clip ‘sustainable growth’ gives insight into how the Holland Onion Association wants to contribute, through knowledge and science, to the search for solutions regarding the role the Read more »

farmland suitable for onions becoming scarce

Two thirds of the land area in the Netherlands is used for the agriculture and horticulture. Arable farming takes up a quarter of the farmland, while the cultivation of onions is playing an increasingly important part. Since the year 2000 the cultivation of the Holland Onion Read more »

Holland Onion reclaims podium place

After the harvest season of 2018, which was disastrous for the export, the Holland Onion is having a peak year again. The gross yield per ha has been provisionally calculated by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) at just over 53 (metric) tons per hectare. That is no less Read more »