new videoclip - future food source

For every newsletter we publish a new videoclip on our HOA YouTube channel. In our new video clip ‘future food source’ we show you why the world's largest agri-food companies have their most important R&D sites in the Netherlands. Read more »

Holland Onion, a resilient vegetable

Dutch onion crops have a much higher yield than comparable crops in other countries and demonstrably need less resources. But still, the productivity in the Netherlands can increase by half. We must continue to strive for more. We didn't become the world's largest onion exporter by Read more »

full steam ahead towards a new world record

Once more, the Holland Onion seems to be full steam ahead towards a new export volume record this season. With volumes well above 30,000 tonnes for the 11th week in a row, the export has already exceeded the previous best season by 11%. For the Read more »