Premiere: the Fellowship of the Holland Onion - part 2

In the second part (the Growing Season) of our new series of video clips 'The Fellowship of the Holland Onion' we see the continuation of the fascinating life journey of the Holland Onion. We experience the ritual of the Read more »

a miracle of nature

The onion has a complex physiology. From germination to the ripening of the onion bulb, numerous climatic and agronomic factors influence the development of the onion plant. After the emergence of the first real onion leaf, this development roughly takes place in three phases: the Read more »

hat trick for Holland Onions

Last season, the export record of the Dutch onion was broken for the third time in a row, eventually reaching more than 1.3 million tons. That might become more difficult to match this season. The vigorous growth in the cultivation of Holland Onions since the Read more »