natural sustainability

With every newsletter a new videoclip will be released on our own Youtube Channel. Our latest videoclip Natural Sustainability shows how Dutch seeds set the stage for the sustainable and sublime quality of our Holland onion varieties.

From the beginning of the 19th century seed improvement was an important side-activity for all onion growers. Today there are highly specialized Dutch onion seed companies which develop varieties that have been perfectly adapted to the growers’, consumers’ and exporters’ wishes.

Those specifically requested qualities in our Holland onion varieties are achieved through years of very intensive and manual cross-fertilization. And that is a question of much patience and deep pockets. The natural development of a new onion cultivar or variety requires a huge investment in time and money. It takes approximately 10 years and costs hundreds of thousands of euros. That’s why we, here in the Netherlands, are very thrifty when it comes to handing out the predicate Holland Onions!