Rockstar Veggie

by Gijsbrecht Gunter, President of HOA

I know…The tomato and the potato are worldwide the vegetables grown in the largest quantities. However, the onion is still, by far, the vegetable that is most widely used. Plain and simple because we really love onions first, best and the most.

You could say that a day without onions is a day wasted. And there's an element of truth in that. For many ancient cultures, the onion bulb with its wonderful, concentric rings was more than just a tasty food - it also had magical powers. And wasn’t it Hippocrates who encouraged the ancient Greeks to eat half a raw onion a day, for a long and healthy life?

And yet, the onion has always stayed humble. It has been taken for granted for thousands of years and the miracle of its true worth has not always been appreciated. Because the onion is everything and is everywhere. For centuries, it has been cultivated in almost every culture and in all honesty, truly makes our culinary life a fulfilling adventure.

Therefore the onion really gets far too little credit for such a versatile and universal vegetable. So, it's high time for a rocking tribute to our powerful Dutch 'Ajuin'! Watch and enjoy Rockstar Veggie.